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Oldham Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Clinic Reviews

What Our Guests Say….

  • Very professional and friendly.

    - Christine R.
  • Very good service from start to finish.

    - Paul G.
  • Can’t thank the staff enough 10 out of 10.

    - Anthony W.
  • The staff have been very accommodating and helpful in making sure I am comfortable and given the best service.

    - Hakim S.
  • Very good service everything is explained step by step my back started to improve from the first session. I would highly recommend this practice.

    - Magie L.
  • Very friendly and professional staff with first class service and treatment.

    - Stephen A.
  • Great service from Dave, an excellent member of your team!

    - David W.
  • Just a great place to be. Everyone is really nice and helpful. I definitely recommend.

    - Clint D.
  • “Very pleased with the examination and explanation of my injury.”

    - Christine B.
  • The friendly nature and professionalism of the staff is absolutely fantastic!

    - John R.
  • I feel miles better thanks to Anthony and the team!

    - Paul L.
  • Very professional, informative and knowledgeable.

    - Linda C.
  • I was a patient several years ago and the professionalism at all levels was excellent. I have started treatment again and the service is even better second time round. thank you to all.

    - Joseph B.
  • The reception and my first visit were exceptional in both customer service and friendliness. They couldn’t be more helpful. Well done.

    - John I.
  • Reception staff very friendly and welcoming.

    - Jackie K.
  • A relaxing and professional practice from start to finish.

    - Carrie C.
  • “Excellent, friendly staff!”

    - Peter T.
  • I wish I had begun treatment with you years ago!

    - Andrew W.
  • Very informative and definitely making a difference.

    - Elaine S.
  • Excellent service as always. Already feeling the difference. Thank you.

    - Carla S.
  • “Very knowledgeable staff, who have given me lots of confidence for the future.”

    - Alan F.
  • Even after the first session I felt a bit better.

    - Kathleen B.
  • My experience so far has been excellent, the staff and really helpful and Nikos is great (very engaged and enthusiastic). I am very happy with the direction my treatment is going and that my situation is going to definitely improve. I am feeling very positive about the whole situation.

    - Stacey J.
  • “Very impressed and I would definitely recommend your practice to friends and family.”

    - Ian R.
  • “Very positive experience.”

    - Julie W.
  • “Overall impressive, knowledgeable professionals.”

    - Kate B.

Georgia O.

“Staff were very welcoming, was given very detailed information in a way which was easy to understand and has been told the steps that will follow in treatment. Brilliant experience can’t recommend more.”

Christopher G.

“The girls on the front desk are friendly and welcoming. Dave was very knowledgeable and a great communicator. Looking forward to keep up with my treatment.”

Paul S.

“I think your customer/client service is excellent. All of the staff are cheerful and enthusiastic and make visits a real pleasure. Overall, a really positive experience and would happily recommend you to friends & family.”

Sharron A.

“Superb staff who are professional and knowledgeable I felt very much at ease with Nikos, who explained everything to me and took time to check I had understood, the practice focuses on general wellbeing as well as treatment, I feel very hopeful that I know have someone that understands my pain and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The overall experience is exceptional. The reception staff are warm and friendly and very attentive, which really helped to put me at ease…Thank you.”

Margaret C.

“I can highly recommend this clinic for excellent care, I was treated with respect and kindness from the moment I stepped through the door and the expertise of the chiropractitioners are second to none. After a very thorough examination and x-ray I went along the next day for the results which were explained to me in great detail and a course of treatment agreed. I am very hopeful that I can now be helped after many years of back pain.”

Beau T.

“Just keep doing what you’re doing. Very friendly staff and great service of care. Everything explained in detail I was never left wondering what was going to happen. Thank you x”

Carol H.

“From entering the chiropractor’s, I was made welcome and looked after in a friendly and professional way, each step was explained fully. I would recommend ànyone that suffers with aches and pains to pay a visit. I am very happy with the treatment I have received so far.”

Carly L.

“Very professional from start to finish. I came in feeling very down and fearful that I wouldn’t be able to be helped. From the receptionists to the chiropractor I was made to feel at ease and I am now feeling confident I am going to get better. Thank you.”

Christine C.

“Although still in pain, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and feel positive that I will return to full health in time. I am walking without crutches now and am able to take short walks. Soon be back in the gym (hopefully). Thanks again to all of the staff.”

Aimee H.

“Very knowledgeable practitioner who has given me hope that I can become pain free from the treatment I will receive and who has converted me from wanting to be a physiotherapist to wanting to become a chiropractor!”

Glenys W.

“After just two treatments I am feeling less pain when walking compared to five weeks of constantly having to stop and rest after a few yards.”

Andrea M.

“I am really delighted with the results of my treatment – I feel so much better in myself, and it’s wonderful not to have constant pain! I am very happy to be smiling and enjoying life again. All of the staff are lovely too, thank you so much.”

Claire W.

“The staff were excellent, from receptionist to practitioner. The ambiance of the clinic was warm and welcoming and inspired confidence and calm, reducing stress. The organization was excellent.”

Carita S.

“Sound advice. Very professional and kept the appointment light hearted. Calm and precise. I am currently receiving treatment and it has been very helpful.”

Kathryn M.

From initial introductions, through to my assessment and consequent treatment the staff are warm, friendly and exceptional professionals. They work as an excellent team and provide equally excellent and exceptional treatment. I enjoy visiting the clinic but am most excited at what my treatment may achieve, I am only on my second appointment and I am already experiencing significant improvement of my injury!

Carrine H.

“I’ve tried various treatments to try and help my neck pain but nothing has worked. After seeing Dr. Lavin (Chiropractor) I was relieved and quite emotional that I had finally found someone that took time to understand my problem and could actually help ease the pain. Thanks to the team for being so friendly!”

Carmen S.

“From a scale of 1-10 from when I first had my first consultation, the difference I feel in myself after 5 weeks is 10 and that is amazing!. My energy levels is much better and  I feel absolutely fantastic. I am thankful to my sister in-law for recommending me to see the chiropractor. Definitely well worth the visit and money. Thank you to Anthony, Kate and staff for everything.”

Mark T.

“I have been to several different practices and although I improve initially it seems to eventually revert back.  But following my two appointments I feel very confident that  Dr. Morten (Chiropractor) will get to the bottom of my problems. From what I have seen so far I am impressed with this practice.”

Barbara H.

“For the first time in many years, I was given hope that my condition could be improved dramatically by up to 40%. This made me feel so much better and after only 3 appointments, I am already getting results I never thought could happen. Thank you so much.”

Carmen S.

“Dr. Anthony Lavin (Chiropractor) is very approachable and understanding.  Such a relief to know I can get better with his help.”

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