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Meet The Chiropractors

Dr Nikos Poullis (Chiropractor)

Dr Nikos Poullis (Chiropractor)

Nikos Poullis MChiro, DC

I was fortunate to have known the benefits of chiropractic early as I visited a chiropractor from a very young age. Born with a birth defect called clubfoot, I found that chiropractic care made a big difference to my overall health, well-being and kept me away from further surgeries and drugs.

Whilst I was still studying I came to observe at Oldham Chiropractic Clinic. I absolutely love the ethos of the practice, so I was delighted when an opportunity arose for me to come and work here.

Following an arduous 5 year course at the prestigious Anglo European College of Chiropractic (AECC) in Bournemouth I was awarded a Masters Degree with Distinction. I then went on to complete a PGCert and PRT in Chiropractic which allowed me to become a member of the Royal College of Chiropractors (RCC).

During my time training  I was lucky enough to treat a whole range of individuals and personalities including professional and semi-professional athletes, elite soldiers and newborn babies.  This helped me realise that chiropractic can benefit everyone despite the age or physical condition. Last year I completed a series of seminars focused on the treatment of neuro-musculoskeletal complaints for the pregnant mother and baby.

Being a keen sportsman myself; I enjoyed providing treatment and performance enhancing techniques to a wide variety of sports teams which is why I completed further studies to become an Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (ICCSP). I am currently working with a number of football clubs, premier league footballers and Olympians to help them achieve their natural performance potential. 

To further my knowledge, I have attended numerous chiropractic seminars taught by world-renowned chiropractors and clinicians. My treatment plans are always tailored to the individual person in front of me and they can include a variety of different methods, from Diversified and Thompson adjusting, to proprioceptive muscle testing, SOT (Sacro-Occipital Technique), AK (AppliedKinesiology), soft tissue and myofascial techniques. In March 2019, I completed a two-year course in the treatment of scoliosis, accredited by Parker University in America. 

I always enjoyed weightlifting at the gym, but my newly discovered love is cycling and that is where the beautiful Manchester countryside comes in handy.  Working towards optimum health and fitness levels, I found that chiropractic care, alongside a balanced lifestyle, helps you perform at topmost levels and achieve your health and sports goals.

Dr Dave Rankin, DC

Dr Dave Rankin (Chiropractor)

Dr Dave Rankin (Chiropractor)

From a very young age, I had always been very active on the sports field. Finding my true passion in swimming, I was able to compete at a very high level, representing my country in numerous swimming competitions. Chiropractic had soon become part of my weekly rehabilitation in order to keep me performing at my very best.  This soon sparked my interest in the medical field and drew me towards a career in chiropractic. I had completed my studies in my hometown in South Africa, where I graduated with a Masters degree in Chiropractic.  Upon graduating I made the commitment to move across the world to the United Kingdom to broaden my knowledge in both family care and sports related injuries.  I have been fortunate enough to actively look after Olympic athletes who all competed at their highest level at the 2012 London and 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

With a continued passion to understand how chiropractic can benefit people from all walks of life, I always strive to educate the people around me on the long term advantages of chiropractic to their well being; from the very young and the elderly, to both the amateur and professional athletes.


Marina Papadimitriou MChiro, DC

Dr Marina Papadimitriou (Chiropractor)

Dr Marina Papadimitriou (Chiropractor)

From an early age I decided that my dream job would include helping others. My fascination with the human body led me to pursue a career in physiotherapy. Towards the end of my studies I knew I had to develop my skills and my knowledge and find the best possible way to help the people express their health. As my sister was already in her final year of completing her chiropractic studies I decided to move to Bournemouth. I graduated with a Masters of Chiropractic degree with a First from the Anglo-European college of Chiropractic. Knowing Nikos Poullis from college I had heard wonderful things about the clinic and they decided to welcome me on their team in September 2017.

People who know me they will say I am truly passionate about what I do. In the second year of my studies I got involved in organising seminars, talks and spreading the message of chiropractic to the students and the community. I also got attracted to the Gonstead system and constantly working on developing my skills so it will enable me to offer the best quality of care.

From newborn babies to 90 year olds, I believe that chiropractic care can benefit everyone. Through chiropractic care I hope to help everyone to restore their function and allow them to live in optimal health being able to enjoy their everyday activities.

Outside clinic you will find me doing yoga, reading at a nice library cafe and exploring the beautiful city of Manchester.

Marios Mastrou, MChiro DC

Photo of Dr Marios Mastrou, DC

Dr Marios Mastrou (Chiropractor)

I had always been interested in the human body and initially thought I would go into Physiotherapy or Radiology, then I heard about Chiropractic through a family member and decided to look into it further.

After some research I realised this is what I wanted to do; help people in the most natural physical way with no drugs or equipment.

After finishing high school aged 17, I entered the Cypriot army for 2 years, I then applied for the AECC in Bournemouth. I came over to England and completed a 5-year course earning the title Doctor of Chiropractic.

During my time at university I learnt all about the art of chiropractic, we do not just adjust specific segments of the spine but provide an overall view of the body and how it works, focusing on the nervous system.

In addition, I am a qualified animal chiropractor. I have a passion for horses, my family have a long history of raising and racing horses. I believe that whatever has a spine deserves a check-up and adjustment to improve its functionality.

In my free time I go to the gym, spend quality time with friends and I also love to sing which is one of my childhood passions. I am working at Oldham Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Clinic where I will give it my best and help people achieve their wills of moving better and improving their general health.

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