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Meet The Chiropractors

Oldham Chiropractor, Morten Isnes

Dr Morten Isnes (Chiropractor)

Morten Isnes MSc DC

My first experience of Chiropractic was at age 11 when I saw a chiropractor for my neck problems. Prior to this my parents had tried a multitude of different approaches with little success. Upon a thorough history and examination, a link was made to the use of a ventouse at birth, which is a form of assisted delivery. The treatment was very effective and was the reason why I decided to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. Since graduating from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic I have spent a lot of time and effort in attending post graduate seminars to further my knowledge and skills. These include dry needling, extremity adjusting, proprioceptive muscle testing, lifestyle seminars etc. To achieve great results, I believe you have to be able to adapt what you do to the person in front of you.Read more…

I have always been active. In my youth, ice-Hockey and skiing as well as football were my main sports. Nowadays, my passion is mainly golf and as a result I have enjoyed working with many golfers and helped to improve their game by making them more flexible, stronger and more agile. Other athletes include footballers, squash and tennis players, rugby players, body builders, swimmers and runners. However, being a husband and father I very much enjoy working with people of all ages, including children. My youngest patient was my son who I assessed and have worked with since the day he was born, and my oldest patient was in her 90s. I enjoy creating and developing a relationship with a multitude of people who want to improve. Whether that is just to get some relief from their debilitating pain or wanting to perform at their peak level.

Dr Nikos Poullis (Chiropractor)

Nikos Poullis MChiro, DC

I was fortunate to have known the benefits of chiropractic early as I visited a chiropractor from a very young age.  I found that chiropractic care kept me away from surgery and drugs and made a big difference to my overall health and well-being. Whilst I was still studying I came to observe at Oldham Chiropractic Clinic. I absolutely loves the ethos of the practice, so i was delighted when an opportunity arose for me to come and work here. Following an arduous 5 year course at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic (AECC) in Bournemouth I was awarded a Masters Degree.  During my time training  I was lucky enough to treat a whole range of individuals and personalities including professional and semi-professional athletes, elite soldiers and newborn babies.  This helped me realise that chiropractic can benefit everyone despite the age or physical condition. Being a keen sportsman myself; I enjoyed providing treatment and performance enhancing techniques to the Bournemouth University Sports teams. Read more »

To further my knowledge, I have attended numerous chiropractic seminars taught by world-renowned chiropractors and clinicians. My treatment plans are always tailored to the individual person in front of me and they can include a variety of different methods, from diversified and Thompson adjusting, to proprioceptive muscle testing, soft tissue and myofascial techniques. I always enjoyed weightlifting at the gym, but my newly discovered love is cycling and that is where the beautiful Manchester countryside comes in handy.  Working towards optimum health and fitness levels, I found that chiropractic care, alongside a balanced lifestyle, helps you perform at topmost levels and achieve your health and sports goals.

Oldham Chiropractor, Dr. Hannah Beard

Dr Hannah Beard (Chiropractor)

Dr. Hannah Beard MChiro, DC

I first discovered chiropractic when I sustained a hockey injury whilst playing for a local team.This led me to seek treatment and I came to Oldham Chiropractic and Physiotherapy where I was treated for my injury. This is where I developed a keen interest in the human body and how it is linked through the nervous system. My passion for the human body continued throughout school and I then went on to study for four years at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic where I graduated with a Master in Chiropractic. I then left the sunny beaches of Bournemouth and came back to my home town Manchester to start a job at the place where it all began. Whilst studying in Bournemouth I surprisingly developed an interest in pediatrics and pregnancy even though my passion had always been sport. As well as showing me how beneficial chiropractic can be to babies it also showed me how chiropractic is for all ages and everyone can benefit.Read more…

When I’m not working I like to exercise by swimming and playing Netball as well as walking my two dogs! Chiropractic helps me to perform at my peak level as it’s not only about improving symptoms its about improving function and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so that you can be the best you you can be!

Dr Dave Rankin DC

Dr Dave Rankin (Chiropractor)

Dr Dave Rankin (Chiropractor)

From a very young age, I had always been very active on the sports field. Finding my true passion in swimming, I was able to compete at a very high level, representing my country in numerous swimming competitions. Chiropractic had soon become part of my weekly rehabilitation in order to keep me performing at my very best.  This soon sparked my interest in the medical field and drew me towards a career in chiropractic. I had completed my studies in my hometown in South Africa, where I graduated with a Masters degree in Chiropractic.  Upon graduating I made the commitment to move across the world to the United Kingdom to broaden my knowledge in both family care and sports related injuries.  I have been fortunate enough to actively look after Olympic athletes who all competed at their highest level at the 2012 London and 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

With a continued passion to understand how chiropractic can benefit people from all walks of life, I have always strived to educate the people around me on the long term advantages of chiropractic to their well being; from the very young and the elderly, to both the amateur and professional athlete.

Dr. Paula Scott

Dr. Paula Scott

Dr. Paula Scott

My mother took me to see a Chiropractor when I was 14 years old after I had complained of low back pain. This experience sparked my desire to pursue a career as a Chiropractor. Chiropractic not only got me out of pain, but completely changed the way I thought about health, I decided that I wanted to have the same positive impact on people’s lives. I graduated with a Masters of Chiropractic degree in 2014 from the Angle European College of Chiropractic. I had heard great things about Oldham Chiropractic and Physiotherapy from Hannah Beard, who already works at the practice. I was fortunate to be offered a position within the clinic and made the move from Hampshire to Manchester to begin working with the team.

I am passionate about working with people to improve their quality of life completely naturally and preventing the need for drugs or surgery. I strive to make long term improvements to people’s health through adjustments and advice on nutrition, stress management and exercise. I believe that nobody should accept feeing average and, with the help of chiropractic, everybody can reach their full potential.

Outside of the clinic you can usually find me under a barbell, clearing my mind with a walk or sat with my nose buried in a book about gut health.

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